Beaded Braid Bracelet

 This tutorial was written by my thirteen-year-old daughter Kelsey.  Enjoy!

This bracelet, inspired by the tutorial on, is super cute and pretty easy to make.  I saw this fun project online and decided to create my own version of it.  As you may have guessed based on the name, this bracelet is simply a beaded braid.  Each time you cross your string to the middle, you just slip a bead onto your cord.  Cool, right?

Kelsey Tutorial 2

I struggled just a little with fitting the cord through the beads.  While the original tutorial used a waxed string, I used embroidery floss.  Depending on the cord you use, you may find it to your advantage to use a needle or beeswax.  I found it helpful to keep the ends moist.  Another hard part in making this bracelet is making sure you keep the tension just right.  It can’t be too loose or too tight.  Again, this varies depending on the material used.

Kelsey Tutorial 1

Honestlywtf went for a bright, fun look with pretty colored cord and metallic beads. I switched it up a bit and used a brown string with aqua beads because I was going for a boho look. While boho happens to currently be my favorite look, you can change the beads and cord to create whatever look you want. For example, you can go elegant with pearly beads and soft colored cord, punk with black thread and neon beads, etc.

Happy beading!

Kelsey Tutorial 3


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