Kids as Great Beaders

I wanted to continue with the theme from the previous post in which I mentioned that kids can be an amazing source of inspiration in your own jewelry designs.  I recently bought some beautiful beads on a whim with no plans to use them in a project–I just loved the colors and the “sparkle.”  They sat for a few weeks and I couldn’t figure out how I wanted to use them. I asked my thirteen-year-old daughter if she could help me make a statement necklace.  We have a few bins of miscellaneous beads, so we set them out and this is what she put together.  I LOVE this necklace!  She was able to showcase the individual beads, follow the color scheme, and design a piece that I enjoy wearing.



Kids are often so much more uninhibited and experimental in their design choices.  I really like seeing what they are able to come up with.  Often they create color combinations or designs ideas that I wouldn’t necessarily think of.  The kids can go to the bins of odds and ends beads whenever they feel like beading and some of their best designs have come from this hodge-podge.


2 thoughts on “Kids as Great Beaders

  1. Wonderful!!
    What creative and talented kids you have Jen!
    It is also great for them to have a Mom like you to nourish and I spire their expression of who they are!
    Great Blog!
    Have added you to my resources, Thanks for contacting me!
    Lucy @ Tribal Stones Jewellery

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