Sterling Jewelry Findings
We have a wide assortment of popular sterling silver findings. Here you will find sterling silver split ring, toggle clasps, trigger clasps, leaver backs, crimp beads, headpins and earring components.

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  • Beads
    Beautiful Sterling Silver Seamless Beads. We carry an assortment of round and smooth beads in various sizes.
  • Bead Tips
    These sterling silver bead tips are perfect for transitioning from thread or bead cord to claps or jumpring while covering and protecting the strand's knot.
  • Bulk Chain

    Bulk .925 Sterling Silver Chain sold by the foot

  • Crimp Beads
    High quality sterling silver crimp beads in the most popular sizes.
  • Earring Backs
    .925 Sterling Silver Earring Backs -- we carry three different sizes.
  • Earring Posts
    Sterling Silver Earring Posts with Ring
  • Earwires
    High quality .925 sterling silver ear wires of various styles including decorative ball end, coil and bead end earwires.
  • Endless Hoop Earrings
    Sterling Silver Endless Hoop Earrings of Various Sizes.
  • Eye Pins
    Our sterling silver eye pins are available in three different wire thicknesses, 24, 22, and 20.5 gauge. With gauge size, the smaller the number the thicker the diameter.
  • Fancy & Multi-Strand...
    Looking for the perfect clasp for your multi-strand necklace, or a delicate clasp for your fine work? Here you will find sterling silver clasps for your needs.
  • Headpins
    We carry sterling silver headpins in the most popular sizes and styles.
  • Jump Rings
    .925 Sterling Silver Jump Rings of various sizes - images are not to scale. When it comes to gauge the smaller the number the thicker the wire the jump ring is made from. We carry four different thicknesses, 22, 20.5, 19.5 and 17 gauge. A 17 gauge sterling silver jump ring should be considered very heavy duty.
  • Lever Backs
    Sterling Silver Lever Backs available in plain and Fleur De Lis styles
  • Lobster Claws
    .925 sterling silver Lobster Claws (a.k.a Lobster Hooks)
  • Split Rings
    .925 Sterling Silver Split Rings of various sizes
  • Spring Ring Clasps
    .925 Sterling Silver Spring Ring Clasp with open and closed rings
  • Toggle Clasps
    .925 Sterling Silver Spring Toggle Clasps
  • Trigger Clasps
    .925 Sterling Silver Trigger Clasps with and without closed rings.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 173 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 173 items